Hey, Small Business owners- this one is for you!

This blog is definitely not just for photographers. Honeybook is used by creatives & small business owners alike. Heck, I even got a quote from a fencing company though a Honeybook portal the other day. I was so happy to see that because it truly is such an amazing platform, and SO many people can benefit from it.


Friends, Honeybook is not just one thing. It is so many things all in one and I truly couldn't go without it. It is your client communication, your contracts, your bookkeeping, your invoice system, how you send files to clients... and so much more.

Here are the top 5 reasons (in my opinion) that you need Honeybook in your life

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1) Easily keep track of your projects

Honeybook keeps all your projects in one place. No more sorting through emails, DMs, Facebook messages, and texts to keep up with your projects. Honeybook keeps them all nicely in one place. If you do receive a dm or other form of communication initiating a project, you can easily grab the clients email and set up their project in Honeybook in minutes. This is a game changer for never dropping the ball on a project again. Each project portal has all the email communication, files, invoices, and contracts all in one place. Its amazing!

2) Create custom files you can send over and over

If you are like me, you tend to send over the same files frequently. I send my packages for wedding photography, engagement style guides, senior session guides, etc. Honeybook allows me to upload these PDFs into my portal and send them super easily in an email straight to my client. I can even send them from Honeybooks app, which is a total game changer when I don't have my computer nearby.

3) Built in and customizable contracts

We love to see a good solid contract these days. Especially as a wedding vendor in 2020, my contract saved me more times than I could count. Honeybook has tons of built in contracts, and it also allows you to upload your own & it creates a fillable contract that you can easily change out names, dates, and prices with. I can send a contract out SO easily with Honeybook. It also allows both me and my clients to sign electronically, which makes my life SO easy!

4) Makes sending invoices & setting up payment plans a breeze

I am obsessed with how easy it is to send an invoice with Honeybook. You can plug in the items you're charging for, add tax, and set up a custom payment plan. Your client can even set it to autopay which makes it so easy. They can pay with credit card or a bank transfer, which is so convenient for everyone. When tax season rolls around I am always so thankful for Honeybook, because it tracks my payments so flawlessly. It also allows your client to add gratuity, which is always a plus!!! :)

5) There are so many options to make your life easy.

There are so many things that I could dive in to on this blog, but the snapshot below will show you that I barely scratched the surface on all that Honeybook can offer. From automatic email responses, profit and loss reports, batch emails, a customized contact form you can attach to your website (ands it sends your inquiries straight into Honeybook)... and so much more.

Like I said, you need it in you're life!

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Happy Honeybooking!!