Hey Photographers- Do you ever feel stuck doing the same bridesmaid poses over and over when you shoot weddings?

Never fear- here are 11 fun and new poses for you to try with the bridesmaids next time you shoot a wedding!!

Group Hug!

Have all the girls huddle around the bride like they are coming in for a group hug. Having your girls by your side on your wedding day is the best feeling ever. This always is the sweetest pose!

Bride + Flower girl front and center

This one just melts my heart. I absolutely love when the bride and the flower girl share a special bond. It makes a wedding day that much sweeter!

Flower Tunnel

Every bride who loves to dance needs this pose at her wedding! Have the bridesmaids line up and make a tunnel with their flowers. The bride gets to dance up and town, twirl that gorgeous wedding dress, and be the center of attention! Bonus: add music! I always keep my JBL speaker on me at weddings!

Stop and Stare

If you really want to make the bride blush, have all her bridesmaids stare at her! It is so sweet if you tell the bridesmaids to each say a word that they think of when they thing of the bride. I am all for creating these sweet moments on wedding days!

Look Back At It

This one is too cute. I love having all the bridesmaids face their backs to me and hug each other. I take a few of them all facing away from me, and then I have the bride look back at me.

Pro tip: Arrange the flowers when they hug to spread them out evenly! Also, the bride usually lets one arm down to look back so she can fully turn!

Flower Huddle

Have all the bridesmaids make a big flower huddle in the middle. Those flowers are always stunning and it's the best way to showcase them!

Pro tip: Send a few of these to the florist to make her day!

Brit Blooms from Chattanooga, TN

Flowers Up!

This one is also so fun! I also love to add music and let them dance around a little!

The Good Side

Listen, every bride has a good side. On your wedding day, you're allowed to be a diva about it. I love having all the girls turn to the bride's "good side" for a few shots. As always, it's fun to add music and let them have fun with it!

Personality Pic

Don't just stick to formal wedding poses- let your bride's personality shine! I always let the bridesmaids do a "fun" pose during their individual shots. It's always so fun!

Brides "Maids"

This one is just too cute. I love having the bridesmaids all gather around and fix the brides hair, veil, dress, etc. Bridesmaids are BFFL.

Poppin' Bottles

Don't forget to have fun before getting dressed too. Popping Bottles on your wedding day morning with your girls is never a bad idea!!

I hope you found some fun new poses to try!

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