Mentorship with Kaley From Kansas

In October 2019, I did a mentorship with Kaley Kocinski (aka @kaleyfromkansas) with my bestie Dani Brewer which I was so pumped for. Her work inspires me so much, and it was such an honor to learn from her. The mentorship took place in Nashville- we started the day at a coffee shop and I got to ask her allllll of the questions. I got to learn so much from her. For the shoot, we went to a park in and met up with Noah and Taylor-the cutestttt couple who drove all the way from Indiana to shoot with us. Kaley dug through all the clothing they had brought along in the trunk of their car & chose three looks for us. It was so fun to see the process of how she picked out their outfits. We shot with them for about 2 hours and it went by so fast- we had a blast!

Taylor and Noah are married and so sweet together, they were so perfect at the shoot and had such amazing chemistry. Kaley helped lead me to shoot in ways I never had tried before.

Before the mentorship, Kaley asked me if either Dani or I had a ladder we could bring from Memphis, which at the time I was like "wut..." But-she had a vision- and I am glad I trusted it. At one point during the shoot we stood on the ladder and shot down at them while they laid in some whimsical wheat grass, which ended up looking so dope.

I love the way she challenged me to try new perspectives. She also tried a bunch of unique poses that I had never thought of before, but it never felt forced. She was talented at letting the session flow naturally and see where it took us. Kaley really showed me how to slow down and catch some of the in between moments that we sometimes miss between a couple. When a couple lets their guard down during a shoot and have moments where they are really "them" - those are the moments she pushed me to look for & to capture. It was such an incredible experience & I feel so lucky to have learned so much from her!

Investing in my education and in my craft is something I will never, ever regret. This mentorship was no exception!