Downtown + Folly Beach Engagement Photos- A Perfect Pairing.

Raymara and Brandon opted to do half of their engagement session in Downtown Charleston, and half of the photos at Folly Beach. In my opinion, they couldn't have chosen a better combination. I love the architecture and timeless photos you can capture in downtown Charleston. I also love the character that Folly Beach has in comparison to some of the other beaches in Charleston.

We had so much fun during the first half of the photoshoot exploring around Downtown Charleston. I swear, you really can't go wrong with taking photos there, because everywhere you turn is a picture perfect backdrop. Ever since moving to Charleston about 2.5 years ago, I am so happy any chance I get to shoot downtown. I always find a new hidden gem every time.

I love any excuse to take photos at the beach, so when they told me they wanted to include beach photos in their engagement session, I was all for it. We had some gorgeous light, and I love how whimsical Raymara's dress ended up looking in the photos as it was blowing in the wind.

Their wedding is coming up in a a couple of months, and I am honored to be their photographer for their big day. Keep scrolling to see all the gorgeous photos from their engagement session!