A Dreamy Morris Island Couple's Shoot

This shoot was for a mentorship I taught to a beginner photographer. I offer the option for my mentee's to add on a live shoot to their mentorship, and I am so glad that Hailey did. She decided to do a couple's shoot so I found models, planned an awesome location, and helped them choose outfits.

We spent about 2.5 hours at a local brewery together hanging out and I taught her as much as I could. We then made the drive down to Folly Beach over to Morris Island Lighthouse area.

We met up with Rylie and Kolbe for the shoot and they were an absolute dream. We had so much fun exploring the area with them, and we couldn't have asked for better models! Rylie and Kolbe had 3 outfits and they were all so cute.

I think my favorite part of the shoot was the end, because they had really warmed up and were comfortable. They ended the shoot in their bathing suits and got in the water, which is always a lot of fun! They were the cutest fr fr.

I am so thankful that Hailey trusted me to mentor her, teaching mentorships in Charleston are my absolute favorite and we had such a blast!