Chattanooga engagement sessions have my heart. 

When my Memphis bride Millie told me that she wanted to go to Chattanooga for her engagement session, I was moreeee than game. Then, when she said she wanted to do it in the water, I was like YASSSSS. 

I was so honored that these two made a 10 hour round trip just to have this shoot with me, but I must say, I think it was well worth it! As much as I love Memphis, there just isn’t anything like this here. 

These photos were taken at Suck Creek, which is one of my favorite blue holes in Chatt. It’s easily accessible, and it’s usually not too crowded, so it instantly came to mind when Millie told me what she was dreaming up. 

When we arrived, it was empty- except for a few teenage boys who had made a small fire a little ways down. But honestly, it kind of worked to our benefit because it looked like we had set off some epic smoke bombs in the distance! 

These two were SO MUCH FUN! I told them I was mad I didn’t bring my bathing suit so I could jump in with them when the shoot was over! This was definitely the most risky I have ever been with my camera on a shoot, lol. At one point I think I was weirdly balancing on a small rock just to get the perfect shot, but I was having a blast doing it! 

So Memphis brides, take note!! Chattanooga engagement sessions are where it’s at.