First of all, I freaking love these two. From the moment Mallory sent her original inquiry I knew we were going to be friends. She is one of the funniest, sweetest people on this Earth. When Mallory & I were planning this Chattanooga engagement session, they asked if we could incorporate Mitch's 4Runner in the shoot. They explained that back when they were in college, they would have dates in the back of his 4Runner because they couldn't afford to go out for dates, so they wanted to capture the importance and sweetness of how far they had come since the early days of their relationship. I loved taking these photos because of how sweet and playful they were with one another!

Afterwards, we set off to hike to this amazing overlook. The hard thing about shooting out of town at a location you've never been to before is you're not exactly sure how long something will take. My map said it was only a mile so we thought it would take just a few minutes, but it was so steep that it actually took way longer, lol. When we finally got there, the sun was coming down and gave us the most stunning golden light. Although we only had a few minutes left to shoot, it was still so magical and beautiful. The sun set perfectly, which made the session so gorgeous. At the very end, Mitch and Mallory popped two champagne bottles and it was so fun!

Although the hike to this location was longer than anticipated, Mallory and Mitch were such troopers and stayed so positive the entire time. I kept apologizing for how long it was and they were so sweet about it. I love when clients turn in to friends, and they are some of the very best people for that to happen with!