Sister Sessions

Lucy is my little sis, so obviously her senior session was a blast! It was so nice because since it was my sister we could work together to really create a fun vision for the shoo. Not every senior is going to be down to try some new, creative ideas, but Lucy was all for it, so that was fun. We brought a stand and went out to Chester Frost in Chattanooga and played around with different fabrics and textures. We experimented with a few different locations at Chester Frost, we took some shots in the woods and the dock and the parking lot. I experimented with different perspectives and angles and it was a lot of fun for us both!

We tried to do an urban theme in the parking lot and included some clear plastic for some of the shots which I had never done before, so that was super fun. I loved how they turned out in black & white. We were driving and wanted to find some dry looking grass and found this random hill off the side of the road. So we pulled over and hiked up the hill and found a really cool spot to shoot and those turned out to be some of my favorites from her session, despite it being in one of the most random locations, lol. I would have never asked just a regular client to meet me here, but since it was Lucy, we felt like we could just go and do whatever. We had such a great time trying out some new poses and experimenting with her was so fun.