Bailey was one of my seniors from last year and she was SO cute! I loved all of the outfits that she brought, and she just has the best sense of style. Bailey carried herself with a lot of confidence, which I love to see in seniors, and we just had a lot of fun. Throughout the shoot, Bailey was working the camera so well! She was posing and laughing and we both were just having such a good time.

We started her session off at Broad Avenue which is a cute little artsy district in Memphis that I LOVE shooting at. There's just a lot of cool walls and little spots that are really fun to shoot at, so I knew we would have a lot to work with over there. After that, we went to Shelby Farms, which is also one of my favorite places to shoot at. The scenery was gorgeous and Bailey was a natural! She looked so stunning and I really enjoyed going through and editing these photos because this session was just so fun!