Burn the Boats

This wedding day was so dang sweet and so honoring to the Lord. Haley & I knew each other in college as Young Life leaders. When she reached out to me about shooting her wedding, I was so stoked! I hadn't seen her in so long, and I was so excited to meet her fiancé, David. Y'all- as far as grooms go, David was the GOAT. He is a literal ray of sunshine and I think anyone that knows him would agree.

The whole day was so much fun. The venue was absolutely stunning. Haley looked gorgeous. Her bridesmaids were some of the kindest, sweetest, goofiest people you've ever met. I had so much fun hanging out with their wedding party all day. It was honestly a blast!!

One of the most memorable moments from this wedding day was the best man's speech at the reception. David's best man Nick gave a speech comparing marriage to the conquest of the Aztecs by Cortes in 1519. He explained that when Cortes arrived in Mexico for this expedition, he instructed his men to burn the boats. Failure was not an option. He encouraged the bride and groom to burn the boats, failure was not an option. He encouraged them to fight for one another, and fight for their marriage every single day. Marriage can be hard, and this was such a beautiful sentiment that encouraged me even in my own marriage!

I love that Haley & David have such an amazing community to surround them as their marriage grows and flourishes for years to come. I was so honored to be apart of this lovely wedding day!