Kylie + Tyler

Less than a year before her wedding, Kylie had reached out to me to do an engagement session for her and Tyler- and we were planning on doing that in Memphis. As we were texting, we started playfully throwing around the idea of me coming to shoot their wedding in the Bahamas. At first she didn't really think it was going to be able to happen, but after finding out the photographer provided to them would only give them 25 photos at the resort- she said "Screw it, let's do it!" She decided to fly me to the Bahamas for her wedding, which was my first international wedding! It was such an honor to be chosen to travel that far to be the one to capture their special day. I shot Kylie's cousin's wedding the year before, so I already knew Kylie and loved her! I felt super comfortable flying to another country with her family because I had already met them the year before!

I got in the day before the wedding and I stayed at the Baha Mar, which was only a few minutes from the Sandals Resort. When I first came in, Kylie picked me up from the airport which was so sweet of her. She took me to Sandals first to explore around a little bit and check out the property, then she took me back to my hotel. I had dinner that night with some of her other friends staying at my hotel. I never met them before, but since I was there alone, I introduced myself and we had such a fun time, and we are still friends to this day!

The next morning they picked me up and I spent the whole day with Kylie and her family. We took pictures while she was getting ready at where her parents were staying- which was a little beach house with a private beach area. Kylie and Tyler took their first look pictures at the private beach, and it was so sweet. We went on the rocks in the middle of the ocean and it was just a dream! We took some family pictures and then headed over to Sandals for bride and groom photos and the ceremony. The ceremony was so sweet and so beautiful overlooking the ocean.

The reception was so much fun with everyone just hanging out, dancing, and eating. She has some hilarious family members who had some sick dance moves lol. I had an absolute blast getting to be a part of Kylie and Tyler's big day, and I am so thankful that they gave me the opportunity to shoot my first international wedding!

I would do it again 100%!