I LOVE Keosha and Drew! Keosha had the sweetest personality and was so smiley and bubbly the whole time, which made the experience so sweet. Keosha and Drew told me they just were wanting a couples' session and I was so down. I loved the whole session and watching them interact with one another because I could just tell they were having so much fun, and they have such a natural and sweet chemistry together.

I asked them how they met and they told me that they actually met over a work call! They work for the same company and Drew met Keosha over the phone and said that he liked the way her voice sounded, so he asked for her number over the phone on their work call. They started talking and now they're dating! I think their whole story is crazy and sweet, talk about a bold move for Drew.

They were so sweet and had the best chemistry, and I had such a blast shooting with them!