A senior session playing on Folly Beach.. what more could you ask for?

Lauren's sweet mama reached out to me a few months after they had moved to the Charleston area about shooting Lauren's senior session. I was so excited, especially being new to the area. When she told me she wanted her session to be at Folly Beach, I was even more pumped, because I had never shot a senior session at the beach before!

It was so much fun to play with all of the elements Folly Beach has to offer. Between the Rocks, the sand, the gorgeous beach houses, and the ocean- we had so much to work with. I think my favorites might be the ones of Lauren on the rocks. There is something that screams Little Mermaid vibes to me and I am here for it, lol.

Lauren and her mom were so kind, and we had the best time. Before the session, I asked Lauren for a few of her favorite songs, and I brought my speaker and I had it clipped to me while were shooting on the beach. Something about your favorite song coming on in the middle of your session just puts you in the best mood. I love incorporating music into my sessions, because it makes it that much better.

Folly Beach is definitely a new favorite place to shoot for me. I also love how the beach is so windy and it creates so much movement with hair, dresses, etc that just adds an extra layer of creativity and uniqueness to a session. I absolutely loved shooting this senior session, and I hope I get the opportunity for many more Folly Beach senior sessions in the future!

Check out the photos below of Lauren absolutely slaying her senior session!