This was absolutely one of the most joyful days I have ever experienced.

Manuel & Alexis are literally a match made in Heaven. Manuel (I call him Mannie, he is one of my oldest friends) is one of the most thoughtful, pure, gentle, caring, and loving people on this Earth. I am not exaggerating that IN THE LEAST. When you are good friends with a guy like that, you're always hoping that the girl he ends up with will treasure & appreciate those qualities about him. Well, God really out-did himself on this one, because his bride Alexis is absolutely amazing. She ADORES Mannie, her love for him just shines, the way she looks at him truly makes my heart melt. He also loves her so dang much. She is quick witted, a little sassy, hilarious, soooo down to earth, honestly- I AM A BIG FAN. I could go on and on about these two forever- but let's talk about their wedding day.

The farm where Manuel & Alexis got married is a special place to Manuel, as well as our friends from college. It is called Ebenezer Acres, and it is owned by the Bowling Family. Their son Sean was our dear friend from college, and he tragically passed away in an accident in September 2014. This family truly wrapped Sean's friends (Mannie & I included) in their arms during that time, and we all camped on the farm the night of Sean's funeral. It is such a memorable place, and this family is so amazing. We used to have Young Life retreats on the farm in college too. It is truly a place that holds so many good memories. It felt like Sean was with us on wedding day, and I know he would have been up there standing next to Mannie if he was still here. Bowling Family- thank you for always being so generous & kind. We love you so much.

So, you know how I said Alexis was hilarious and sooo down to Earth, well, scroll down and you'll see evidence. Alexis was on board for a "fake first look." She let the best man put on her dress from the rehearsal dinner the night before and trick Mannie during the first look. Y'all- IT WAS HILARIOUS. Mannie was so nervous & so ready to see Alexis- and he turned around to see Daniel in a dress. (LOOOLLLL) I was laughing so hard while documenting this.

However, Their ACTUAL first look was so sweet. They washed each other's feet, and Alexis read love letters from a journal she had been writing in since they had started dating. It really set the tone of the day. Thoughtfulness, serving one another, and loving each other well- that is Alexis and Manuel in a nutshell.

The rest of the day was a true Fiesta. Manuel is Mexican, and there were SO many fun details that represented Mexican culture. I was LIVING for it. The bouquets, the fans for the ceremony, the FOOD, the Margaritas. I was in HEAVEN. Also- it was probably one of the most fun receptions I have ever witnessed. If you've never heard of a Money Dance- look it up. It was so cool!!

Basically I was obsessed with this wedding. I LOVE Manuel & Alexis together. I mean, how could I not?! Hope you enjoy looking through this day filled with joy, laughter, and soooo much love!!!