Erin + Chuck

There are so many wonderful things that I could say about these two. The one thing that I observed during their wedding day that stood out the most was how perfectly they complimented each other. They knew how to calm the other down when the other was feeling anxious, they knew how to make the other laugh, they knew how to love each other well- because they are truly best friends. You can tell when a couple really KNOWS each other, and this is Erin & Chuck. It's beautiful when you can tell a couple knows each other so deeply- all the good & the bad- and they choose each other. Their union was so sweet & beautiful. Their marriage will be blessed- I have no doubt!!

It is also worth noting that I have never felt so "taken care of" on a wedding day by a couple than I did with these two. They were constantly checking on me, seeing if I needed anything, making sure I was good to go. I was like "Hey, thats my job to do for you!" But that's just who they are. They put others before themselves, and they truly care about their friends, family, and even their wedding photographer (lol). I have so much love for these two!!!!