Mallory + Cas

This wedding was so so sweet. I feel like I probably say that about every wedding- but seriously- this one was probably one of the sweetest I have ever been apart of! This day was honestly a breeze. When I first arrived, it was pouring rain & I was worried that we would have to change up the plans for the day, but thankfully it cleared up right as Mallory got her dress on! Mallory was seriously the most laid back bride. I think Cas was a little nervous at first, but once he saw Mallory at their first look he felt so much better & was able to be himself. I love when a couple becomes more relaxed after a first look, because it just shows that they feel so safe & calm with their person. So sweet.

One of the funniest moments from this wedding was when Mallory threw her bouquet and broke a lightbulb, lol. Please scroll and see all the single ladies ducking for cover. I laugh every time I see that photo!!!

I know this couple will have many happy years together! They put God first, and have such amazing families & friends supporting them. This day was so beautiful and I am always so thankful to be trusted with preserving such precious memories!