Gus is actually the brother of one of my brides, Millie, and I met him and his girlfriend (now wife!) at Millie's wedding. I also knew Gus through college YoungLife where I was a leader! When I saw Carli and Gus at the wedding, I thought they were so cute and I actually ended up reaching out to them, which I don't do very often, but I was in a little bit of a creative rut and really wanted to shoot with a couple that had really good chemistry!

Carli and Gus agreed to the shoot and we had so much fun! I got to help style them, which I don't typically do to the extent that I did with them, but I enjoyed being part of the styling process so much and really pushed me creatively! I got the opportunity to try some new poses and different direction methods that I had never done before, which made the experience so fun. I typically give couples prompts for poses, but for this session, I really took the time to slow down and letting them be themselves!

We all had such a great time together and I'm obsessed with the way they all turned out!