The sweetest senior session

I know Adyn because I did I shot for her mom's boutique called "The Rusted Nail," in South Haven, Mississippi. Adyn was typically part of "The Rusted Nail" shoots, so I had gotten to know her through those and she was so sweet. So when they asked me to take her senior photos, I was so excited because I already knew she was so much fun to work with! Since her mom had already done a few shoots in the area, she knew some really cool locations that I wouldn't have been able to find on my own. We explored around and Adyn was so sweet the whole time and we had so much fun!

We ended the session at the Merry Christmas Tree Farm in Hernando, Mississippi. We took some cute pictures on top of her Jeep, and her dad met us their and brought some of their dogs and they were so cute! Once we were done, I realized that my keys had dropped out of my fanny pack. They all helped me look for them before it got dark and thankfully we found them! That's just how sweet this family is; they would drop everything just to help me look for my keys. They are one of the kindest families I have ever worked with and I always have the best time with them!