These photos represent beautiful moments and memories from past clients. Each gallery is full of joy, love, and AUTHENTIC moments. I truly care about encouraging, loving, and hyping you up before, during, and after your time with me!

For your wedding day: I care about the moment where you hug your grandmother for the first time. Your brothers reaction when he see's how beautiful you look. The in-between moments are what helps you remember how you felt that day, on the most significant day of your life. I truly care and love capturing those moments.

Any other sessions: Not only do I care about capturing each special moment, I am also there to make you feel 100% comfortable and natural in front of the camera. I will make you laugh and we will have fun, its a guarantee! I will say "YASS HONAYY" during your senior photos, I will make sure your fiance' or husband doesn't feel awkward during photos that they probably wouldn't normally like taking. But I promise he will walk away from our time saying "that was kind of fun" and to me, thats a victory am I right?!